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The Quarterclift;  or  The Life and Adventures of Hudy McGuigan,  by Hugh Harkin

published in booklet form 1841; published in facsimile 1993 by Ballinascreen Historical Society
(144pp, + brief introduction and notes)
available from Ballinascreen Historical Society, Draperstown, Co Derry

an edited transcript, with notes and a glossary

characters may replace dashes in the original publication,
 eg "Lord Caledon" replaces "Lord C──n"

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IIBirth, Infancy, &c., &c.5
IVPull divil pull21
VClodding wet turf6
VIHudy outwitted - equestrian exploits11
VIIThe Fencing School3
VIIIDefeat of the Professor4
IXA Hunt - A New Acquaintance8
XThe Sports1
XIA Singular Colloquy7
XIIThe Sports6
XIIIThe Race - Leap over Glenadry14
XIVaThe Colonel's Glorious Gift10
XIVbThe Abduction of a Priest16
XVHudy in Coventry23
XVIHudy's Mother Goes Hunting28
XVIIaThe Ball: Hudy is Invited12
XVIIbThe Ball: Hudy Makes his Entrance5
XVIIcThe Ball: Hudy Stamps his Mark2
XIXaThe Horse-Jockey17
XIXbA Bull at Moneymore Fair7
XXaThe Still-Hunt: Arrival at the Still-House17
XXbThe Still-Hunt: The Wreckers Disarmed22
XXcThe Still-Hunt: The Gauger Captured15
XXdThe Still‑Hunt: The Yeomanry Bowled Over8
What does Quarterclift mean?7
The Real Hudy McGuigan15
A Letter from Hudy in Belfast6
A Letter from Hudy after Belfast7
Hugh Harkin4

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