Travel within County Dublin
Most of the main repositories of genealogical information for the island of Ireland are within County Dublin.  I make no charge for travel within County Dublin.

Travel outside County Dublin
If I have to travel further, there will be an extra charge (minimum 15 euro per research location for your job):

Travel within the island of Ireland
Normally I will only travel when I have several tasks to carry out at a given location.  So the cost of travel will be shared between those tasks, leading to charges at or near the minimum charge.  I shall ask for your agreement beforehand if any especially large charges seem necessary.

Travel outside the island of Ireland (or sub-contracted research)
Costs are less likely to be shared, and to be fairly high.  Such costs will only be incurred after I have contacted you to get agreement for an agreed maximum level of expenditure.

This page was last updated 5 Sep 2016