Please be definite about what you want to find: eg "the names of the parents of John Keane, born about 1875 in Kilrush, Co Clare"; or "the names and birth-dates of the children of John Keane and Mary Fitzgerald, who married in about 1899 in Dublin".

Be sure that you make it clear to me what you know already.  It would be doubly disappointing if I spent a lot of time researching something that you knew already - it would be frustrating for me, and unnecessarily expensive for you.

I can research your family, and/or any house or locality they lived in - you decide what you want to know.

To estimate the likely cost of research, please consult my rates.

Once you are sure what you want to find, and have set out what you know already, and have a rough idea how much it might cost, please use my contact details to ask me to carry out an initial FREE assessment of your requirements.  The assessment will include an estimate of costs.

This page was last updated 7 Sep 2016