Family Trees

Standard Rate
Charges below are for supply in electronic form (.pdf), or printed on 90 gsm paper.  If you want both electronic and paper you must pay for both.

Charges for the supply of a family tree (standard layout) are made up of two elements:
  1. a charge per page (or page-equivalent if to be printed on continuous paper)
  2. a charge per person shown on the tree

Charges per page (or part thereof):
  A4: 10.00 euro
  A3: 20.00 euro
  A2: 30.00 euro

Charges per person shown:
  0.50 euro

Priority Rate
For priority supply the standard rate is doubled.

Post and Packing
Extra, at cost.

Sample Tree A (3-generation descendant tree, A4 x 3, 19 people):
  39.50 euro standard rate
  79.00 euro priority rate

Sample Tree B (4-generation pedigree, A4 x 1, 15 people):
  17.50 euro standard rate
  35.00 euro priority rate

The documents above are in .pdf format, for which you will need a reader,
eg one of these free programs: Get Adobe Reader

This page was last updated 5 Sep 2016